Designer, Developer & entrepreneur

Hello, I’m Richard and I create first-class websites and apps. I’ve worked for startups in London & Calgary.


Browse a selection of my favourite projects.

Snowfall Front-end Developer / Founder

A fast, lightweight web app that leverage's the users location to list nearby ski resorts with the most fresh snow. I defined the whole UI/UX for the app, ensured it's fully responsive and built under a "mobile first" approach.

The Warranty Group Lead Designer / Developer

I created a landing page to help The Warranty Group customers activate a Knowhow Cloud storage account that comes bundled with all new warranty policies. Features include slideshows, fully responsive layout and position triggered animations to help remind the user of the benefits of activating their account.

Knowhow Cloud File Manager Lead Designer and Front-end Developer

Refactored the existing Livedrive customer portal to cater for a new corporate partner "Knowhow Cloud". The entire UI and UX was reconsidered and improved, while the backend was made more efficient, vastly improving performance and stability.

Knowhow Cloud Launch Lead Designer and Front-end Developer

Once the new Knowhow Web and Mobile Apps were complete, I designed and built an introduction page to explain the new UI and features to users. Position based CSS animation triggers helped users engage and focus on the content.

Heather Rees Photography Freelance

London based photographer, Heather Rees, required a fully responsive brochure website. I kept the design clean and simple and picked a selection of her most powerful photos to highlight the quality of her work, instead of cluttering with text. The image gallery is optimised to download images without effecting page render times using a homebrewload technique.

Livedrive Ad Campaign Lead Designer

A static landing page to capture new customers who have clicked on a banner ad. The branding and assets are consistent to the banner campaign for a seemless experience. I also designed it with a clear call to action so the user can convert quickly and easily.

Livedrive Help Lead Designer and Front-end Developer

In an effort to add clarity to the impact of each setting for the Windows/Mac software, I designed and built an interactive tour. Each screen and feature is explained step by step to help the user make more informed decisions when configuring the software.

Livedrive Front-end Developer

Involved in radically changing Livedrive's sign up flow to a clearer and simplified user experience. Data capture fields were reduced and broken down into a 2-step journey that was originally 5 steps. As a result of the changes, the quality of converted users increased and were much more likely to remain customers for a longer period.

Richard & Sarah's Wedding Freelance

I wanted to add a modern twist to the Wedding invite experience. As guests were coming from different corners of the world, I created a web app to allow guests to RSVP, provide dietary requirements and get schedule details - simply by using a personalised code enclosed in their invite.

Knowhow Cloud Mobile UX / Project Lead

During the Knowhow Cloud UI refresh I ran the project to update the mobile and tablet apps for iOS, Android and Windows. Introduced a new automated mobile backup feature and a number of UX improvements. In terms of design, the main focus was to pick up the same UI nuances from the desktop client to give users an platform agnostic experience.

Knowhow Cloud Desktop UX / Design Lead

Complete re-design of the Knowhow Cloud software for Windows and Mac with the goal of massivly improving the user experience for installation and doing their first computer backup. I worked alongside the Knowhow team providing designs and a new slicker interface. Upon release, customer support queries dropped and interaction increased.

Knowhow Cloud Windows Surface UX / Design / Project Lead

Re-skin of the Knowhow Cloud Windows 8 "Metro" app. Brought the interface more in-line with the iOS and Android apps with the use of common icons and graphics. Also took the time to address a number of existing UX difficulties that had been reported by users and QA.

Livedrive (Web Designer Magazine) Designer

As part of major a print campaign push, I created a set of ads for placement in a group of technology magazines. Targeted audience of tech-savvy consumers who have important files that need to be backed up.

My Twitter ID Front-end Developer / Founder

Fast responding web application to retrieve a Twitter user ID from the Twitter API using their screen name. During another project I had to frequently extract a users twitter ID manually from the API which eventually drove me to build this tool and automate the process. It now ranks #1 in Google for "Twitter ID" and receives around 10,000 hits a month.

Give as you Live Extension Front-end Developer

Once installed, the Give as you Live extension will alert users that the website they are browsing supports "Give as you Live" and therefore can donate a percentage of their shopping to the users charity. As part of the project, I built the extension interface that was used for all major browsers.

Livedrive Reseller Ad Designer

As part of major a print campaign push, I created a set of ads for placement in business magazines. Targeted audience of tech-savvy businesses looking to re-sell the product themselves.

My Twitter Birthday Front-end Developer / Founder

A spin off web app from My Twitter ID where the user can find out the date and time they created their Twitter account, known as their "Twitter Birthday". Freelance

Gibaltar opened a new cinema and leisure centre in early 2008. To celebrate its opening, I created an auto-updating web app that pulls the latest movie data, posters and trailers from a 3rd party XML feed. Once a week, management are simply required to enter that weeks showtimes for each movie.

The Aerial Man Freelance

Designed a custom Wordpress theme to complement the branding of local business, The Aerial Man. I also helped improve the SEO rating of the site by re-working the titles, content and markup.

The Aerial Man Diary Freelance

A local business, The Aerial Man, needed to replace their paper-based Job Diary and replace it with a cloud-based solution. Each memeber of the team can login, setup and organise their customer appointments for the day and weeks ahead. Text messages are sent to customers to remind them of their upcoming visit.

Marine Safety Gibraltar Freelance

Local business that required a complete online identity to promote their life raft servicing to ships visiting Gibraltar. I developed a simple brochure website that best represented their branding.

About me

My core skills are focused around modern front-end development, design, and user experience. Over the years I have learnt new technologies to keep me as flexible as possible in approaching new projects.

  • Angular
  • CSS
  • jQuery
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • Fireworks
  • Balsamiq
  • InDesign
  • Visual Studio
  • Flash


Give me a call or drop me a message if you want me to get involved in your next project.

As of Sept 2015 I will be available for full-time hire and freelance projects.